Effective adult learning is about much more than simply training. The fact is that most training is poorly planned, poorly executed and most often left in the training room. Kaizen Forms walk users through a best practices training design process, provide the outline to be used in the training, guide post-training skill usage and facilitate oversight of all of the processes of training and follow-through.

  • Training design and delivery. Kaizen Forms build best practices training design into the forms and provide an outline for training delivery 
  • User facilitated learning. Simply using the form is a teaching moment that enhances user skills over time
  • What separates the good from the great? We incorporate components of deliberate practice into Kaizen Forms. Users may not attain greatness but they can become better and better and better
  • Adult learning concepts are built into the training forms. Check out these links:
             They're Not Just Big Kids: Motivating Adult Learners
                 First Principles of Instruction
The model shown here was developed by Baldwin and Ford and included first in their article, Transfer of training: a review and directions for further research.

The article that we use for Kaizen Form design  is The transfer of training: what really matters, by Grossman and Salas.

If you have responsibility for training or managing training Kaizen Forms can help. Grow your trainers skills, distribute best practices training outlines, assure the timely delivery of training and maintain a detailed database of all completed training. Get Kaizen, get better.