Kaizen -- Positive, continuous change for the better. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Kaizen Forms provide an easy-to-use framework to 
guide and measure the small steps taken by individuals, groups and organizations in pursuit of positive change. 

We connect users with the best and most cost-effective (often free) online form-building software applications. 

These applications support the integration of sophisticated functionality to support learning, facilitate behavior change and manage business activities. We provide guidance and support deploying the forms to multiple devices.

We share our form templates that are embedded with adult learning, behavior modification and performance support functionality to help users discover the possibilities of Kaizen Forms.

We summarize and link to academic research and quality books and websites that make accessible and usable the psychology of adult learning, performance support and behavior change.

The forms are 
simultaneously as simple and/or as sophisticated 
as you need them to be. You build them, you customize them, you own them.

We can help you convert from paper to digital forms, and our resources will also inform improved design of paper forms if you prefer them. We are the first to admit that there are instances where paper is a better solution.

Review the supporting pages we have included and contact us if you would like to learn more.