Behavioral Triggers

There's no doubt about it, online forms are great for capturing data and completing online purchase fulfillment.

But online forms are also incredible tools for improving training design and delivery, providing just-in-time knowledge delivery and guiding individual and organizational behavioral change.

About the only thing forms can't do is fill themselves out when they're supposed to (or can they?).

Yes, forms can be powerful tools, but only if they're used.

B.J. Fogg, who specializes in persuasive design at Stanford University, identifies three key factors in his behavioral persuasion design model that must coalesce for successful behavior change -- ability, motivation and a trigger, or call to action.

Managers can train, and inspire or require, but how might they add triggers to forms?

Form managers could keep one eye on the calendar and another on the clock to send email reminder triggers.

Or they could automate the triggering process.

We use Boomerang for Gmail. We write the emails, add the form links and then schedule the emails to be sent on specific dates at specific times. Boomerang does the rest.