Performance support can be as simple as handwritten notes reminding a user how to operate the copy machine,
posters behind the copy machine providing directions on use, electronic support programmed into the copy machine and available on a touchpad, and instructions and processes that guide clearing a paper jam without having to call for help. 

Performance support tools began as paper job aids such as checklists, forms, and decision guides (See The Checklist Manifesto). As computer technology advanced, electronic performance support tools such as software help systems were introduced.

Performance support has developed along with the evolution of computer technology and advances in knowledge in fields such as human performance technologylearning transfer, and electronic performance support systems

Rossett and Schafer, experts in the field, assess performance support by asking whether or not the support is integrated into the “doing” of the task, or is apart from the doing. Planners are supports that are used just before or after a task is engaged, while sidekicks are integrated into the tasks.

We design many Kaizen Forms to be planners, sidekicks and a combination of the two. Our forms support a variety of target activities including: individual and organizational behavior change; business process and activity management; training design and delivery; inspection and correction; and anything else that requires guidance and documentation.

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